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Carbon Removal


What is CDR?

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is the process of capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and storing it away durably for long periods of time. It is a form of achieving negative emissions and different from emission reduction efforts. Whereas emission reduction or avoidance prevents CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere, CDR removes CO2 that is already in the atmosphere, including long-lasting legacy emissions.


​Why focus on CDR?

In order to restrict global warming, in line with the Paris Agreement, to below 1.5°C, there is a critical need for substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But despite the efforts to reduce and avoid these emissions, certain emission remain hard-to-abate due to their reduction’s costly price or technical infeasibly. Further, legacy emissions, or emissions that have been release in the past and that continue to contribute to rising temperatures, need to be dealt with as well. Therefore, reports such as those prepared by the IPCC, estimate a requirement of around 5-16 GtCO2 of CDR per year by 2050. Current CDR efforts fall far short of these required volumes warranting an immediate and substantial effort in expanding CDR deployment.


What type of CDR?

We are looking for skills and ideas across the entire value chain and ecosystem of carbon removal. Let us know if you feel that some crucial skills  and actors are missing from our map.

Operational supply chain
The operational supply chain includes the core CDR processes such as capture and storage of CO2. We are looking for ideas across all types of carbon capture - geochemical, biological or chemical as well as any available storage options - in geological formations, durable products, oceans or land.
Enabling ecosystem forces
To successfully scale CDR and reach the required volumes, we will also require new ideas and solutions supporting and enabling the core CDR processes. These enabling ecosystem forces can include various categories, such as community engagement and education, markets and investments, MRV or legal frameworks and policy structures.
Further ideas
Do you have an idea that tackles a CDR challenge in a field that we have not covered in our CDR ecosystem overview? We are aware that our overview might not be exhaustive and we encourage you to pursue ideas we might have not covered yet. Feel free to reach out to us, if you are unsure, whether your idea would still qualify for the program or check out the FAQs.
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